Black Panther 4 T'Challa Wakanda, Avengers 7
Killmonger 4 N'Jadaka Wakanda, Cabal, Criminal Syndicate 7
Venom 4 Eddie Brock Spider-Foes, Web Warriors 9
Okoye 2 Okoye A-Force, Wakanda 8
Vision 4 Victor Shade Avengers 13
Winter Soldier 3 James "Bucky" Barnes SHIELD 13
Thor, Prince of Asgard 5 Thor Odinson Avengers, Asgard 11
Hela, Queen of Hel 4 Hela Asgard 12
Nebula 2 Nebula Guardians of the Galaxy 16
Black Dwarf 4 Black Dwarf Black Order 19
Drax The Destroyer 3 Drax Guardians of the Galaxy 20
Black Widow Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D 3 Natasha Romanoff A-Force, Avengers, SHIELD 24
Ronan the Accuser 4 Ronan the Accuser Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans 20
Hawkeye 3 Clint Barton Avengers, Defenders, SHIELD 24
Spider-Man 3 Miles Morales Web Warriors 10
Ghost-Spider 3 Gwen Stacy Web Warriors 10
Wong 2 Wong Convocation, Defenders, Midnight Sons 23
Doctor Strange 5 Stephen Vincent Strange Convocation, Defenders, Midnight Sons 23
Punisher 3 Frank Castle 32
Taskmaster 3 Anthony Masters Criminal Syndicate, SHIELD, Hydra 32
Daredevil 4 Matt Murdock Defenders, Web Warriors 30
Wasp 3 Janet Van Dyne A-Force, Avengers 26
Ant-Man 3 Scott Lang Avengers 26
Sabretooth 4 Victor Creed Brotherhood, Cabal, X-Force 40
Wolverine 4 James Logan Howlett Avengers, Defenders, X-Force, X-Men 40
Baron Zemo 3 Helmut Zemo Cabal, Hydra 1
Black Widow 2 Natasha Romanova A-Force, Avengers, SHIELD 1
Crossbones 3 Brock Rumlow Cabal, Criminal Syndicate, Hydra 1
Doctor Octopus 3 Otto Octavius Spider-Foes 1
Red Skull 4 Johann Schmidt Cabal, Hydra 1
Spider-Man 4 Peter Parker Defenders, Web Warriors 1
Captain America 4 Steve Rogers Avengers 1
Captain Marvel 4 Carol Danvers A-Force, Avengers 1
Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Avengers, SHIELD 1
Ultron 4 Ultron Cabal 1
Valkyrie 3 Brunhilde A-Force, Asgard, Defenders 11
Loki, God of Mischief 4 Loki Laufeyson Asgard, Cabal 12
Corvus Glaive 4 Corvus Glaive Black Order 15
Proxima Midnight 3 Proxima Midnight Black Order 15
Gamora 4 Gamora A-Force, Guardians of the Galaxy 16
Groot 3 I Am Groot Guardians of the Galaxy 17
Rocket Raccoon 2 Rocket Raccoon Guardians of the Galaxy 17
Star-Lord 3 Peter Quill Guardians of the Galaxy 18
Ebony Maw 5 Ebony Maw Black Order 19
Green Goblin 4 Norman Osborn Spider-Foes, Criminal Syndicate 21
Thanos, The Mad Titan 6 Thanos Black Order 25
Ghost Rider 5 Johnathon Blaze Defenders, Midnight Sons 27
Angela 5 Aldrif Odinsdottir A-Force, Asgard, Guardians of the Galaxy 28
Enchantress 4 Amora Asgard, Cabal 28
Kingpin 4 Wilson Fisk Cabal, Criminal Syndicate, Spider-Foes 29
Bullseye 2 Benjamin Poindexter Cabal, Criminal Syndicate 30
Dormammu 8 Dormammu Dark Dimension 33
Black Bolt 5 Blackagar Boltagon Inhumans 34
Medusa 4 Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon A-Force, Inhumans 34
Crystal 3 Crystal Amaquelin A-Force, Inhumans 35
Lockjaw 3 Lockjaw Inhumans 35
Amazing Spider-Man 5 Peter Parker Defenders, Web Warriors 37
Black Cat 3 Felica Hardy A-Force, Criminal Syndicate, Midnight Sons, Web Warriors 37
Captain America 3 Sam Wilson Avengers 38
War Machine 3 James Rhodes Avengers, SHIELD 38
She-Hulk 6 Jennifer Walters A-Force, Avengers, SHIELD 39
Hulk 6 Bruce Banner Avengers, Defenders 4
Cyclops 4 Scott Summers X-Men 41
Storm 3 Ororo Munroe A-Force, Wakanda, X-Men 41
Magneto 6 Max Eisenhardt Brotherhood, Cabal 42
Toad 2 Mortimer Toynbee Brotherhood 42
Beast 3 Henry McCoy Avengers, Inhumans, X-Men 43
Mystique 3 Raven Darkholme Brotherhood, Cabal 43
Bob, Agent of Hydra 2 Robert Dobalina Cabal, Hydra 45
Deadpool 3 Wade Wilson Avengers, X-Force 45
Mr. Sinister 4 Nathaniel Essex Cabal 46
Cable 5 Nathan Summers Avengers, X-Force, X-Men 47
Domino 3 Neena Thurman A-Force, X-Force, X-Men 47
Blade 4 Eric Brooks Avengers, Defenders, Midnight Sons 48
Moon Knight 3 Marc Spector Defenders, Midnight Sons, Web Warriors 48
Iron Fist 3 Danny Rand Avengers, Defenders, Midnight Sons 49
Luke Cage 3 Luke Cage Avengers, Defenders 49
Mysterio 3 Quentin Beck Cabal, Criminal Syndicate, Spider-Foes 50
Carnage 4 Cletus Kasady Spider-Foes 50
Modok 5 George Tarleton Cabal, Criminal Syndicate 5
Sentinel MK4 4 Sentinel MK4 51
Hulkbuster 6 Tony Stark Avengers 52
Cassandra Nova 5 Cassandra Nova Xavier Cabal 53
Jean Grey 5 Jean Grey X-Men 53
Omega Red 4 Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich Cabal, Criminal Syndicate 54
Nick Fury 4 Nicholas J. Fury, Junior SHIELD 55
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents 0 55
Juggernaut 5 Cain Marko Brotherhood 56
Colossus 4 Piotr Rasputin Brotherhood, X-Force, X-Men 57
Magik 3 Illyana Rasputin Convocation, Defenders, X-Men 57
Kraven the Hunter 3 Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff Criminal Syndicate, Spider-Foes 58
Lizard 3 Curtis Connors Spider-Foes 58
Gambit 3 Remy LeBeau Brotherhood, X-Men 60
Rogue 4 Anna Marie LeBeau Brotherhood, X-Men 60
Sin 3 Sinthea Schmidt Cabal, Criminal Syndicate, Hydra 61
Viper 3 Ophelia Sarkissian Cabal, Hydra 61
Ms. Marvel 3 Kamala Khan Avengers, Inhumans 62
Quicksilver 3 Pietro Maximoff Avengers, Brotherhood, Inhumans 63
Scarlet Witch 5 Wanda Maximoff A-Force, Avengers, Brotherhood, Defenders 63
Ancient One 4 Ancient One Convocation, Defenders 64
Baron Mordo 3 Karl Amadeus Mordo Cabal, Convocation 64
Doctor Voodoo 4 Jericho Drumm Avengers, Convocation, Midnight Sons 65
Hood 3 Parker Robbins Cabal, Criminal Syndicate 65
Clea 3 Clea Convocation, Defenders 67
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme 5 Stephen Vincent Strange Convocation, Defenders 67
Honey Badger 2 Gabrielle Kinney X-Force, X-Men 71
X-23 3 Laura Kinney X-Force, X-Men 71
Red Skull, Master of Hydra 5 Johann Schmidt Hydra 74
Hydra Troopers 0 74
Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos 3 Nicholas Fury, Sr., Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, Gabriel Jones SHIELD 75
Arnim Zola 3 Arnim Zola Cabal, Hydra 76
Baron Strucker 3 Wolfgang von Strucker Cabal, Hydra 76
Steve Rogers, Captain America 4 Steve Rogers SHIELD 77
The Original Human Torch 3 Jim Hammond SHIELD 77
Elektra 4 Elektra Natchios Criminal Syndicate, Defenders 79
Shadowland Daredevil 4 Matt Murdock Criminal Syndicate 79
Hand Ninjas 0 79
Shuri 3 Shuri A-Force, Wakanda 8
Black Swan 4 Black Swan Black Order 81
Supergiant 3 Supergiant Black Order 81
Crimson Dynamo 4 Dimitri Bukharin Winter Guard 88
Darkstar 3 Laynia Petrovna Winter Guard 88
Red Guardian 3 Nikolai Krylenko Winter Guard 89
Ursa Major 4 Mikhail Ursus Winter Guard 89
Malekith The Accursed 7 Malekith Cabal 93
Heimdall, The All-Seeing 3 Heimdall Asgard 102
Skurge, the Executioner 3 Skurge Asgard, Cabal 102
Sentinel Prime MK4 5 Sentinel Prime MK4 Sentinels 160

Crisis Cards

Deployment: A 0 A Deployment 1 Legal Legal
Deployment: B 0 B Deployment 1 Legal Legal
Deployment: C 0 C Deployment 1 Legal Legal
Deployment: D 0 D Deployment 1 Legal Legal
Deployment: E 0 E Deployment 1 Legal Legal
Deployment: F 0 F Deployment 1 Legal Legal
Deadly Meteors Mutate Civilians 17 C Secure 1 Legal Legal
Infinity Formula Goes Missing! 17 B Secure 1 Legal Legal
Riots Spark Over Extremis 3.0 17 D Secure 1 Legal Legal
Skrulls Infiltrate World Leadership 17 C Extraction 1 Legal Legal
Spider-Infected Invade Manhattan 17 F Extraction 1 Legal Legal
Struggle for the Cube Continues 17 F Extraction 1 Legal Legal
Gamma Wave Sweeps Across Midwest 15 E Secure 4 Legal Legal
Alien Ship Crashes in Downtown! 20 C Extraction 5 Legal Legal
Mystic Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction? 15 A Extraction 7 Banned Legal
Portals Overrun City With Spider-People! 18 D Secure 10 Legal Legal
Fear Grips World As "Worthy" Terrorize Cities 18 D Extraction 11 Legal Legal
Panic Grips City As Evacuation Efforts Continue! 19 B Extraction 18 Banned Legal
The Montesi Formula Found 17 E Extraction 23 Legal Legal
Cosmic Invasion! Black Order Descends on Earth 16 D Secure 25 Legal Legal
Demons Downtown! Has Our Comeuppance Come Due? 19 E Secure 27 Legal Legal
Mayor Fisk Vows to Find Missing Witnesses 16 C Secure 29 Legal Legal
Terrigen Clouds Sweep Over City 20 C Secure 34 Legal Legal
Mutant Madman Turns City Center Into Lethal Amusement Park 18 B Secure 41 Legal Legal
Mutant Extremists Target U.S. Senators! 14 C Extraction 42 Legal Legal
Deadly Legacy Virus Cured? 19 C Extraction 46 Legal Legal
SWORD Establishes Base On Moons Blue Area 14 C Secure 47 Legal Legal
Super-Powered Scoundrels Form Sinister Syndicate! 20 F Secure 60 Legal Legal
Research Station Attacked! 16 E Extraction 63 Legal Legal
Intrusions Open Across City as Seals Collapse 19 C Secure 64 Legal Legal

Team Tactics

Avengers Assemble Avengers 1 Legal Legal
Brace for Impact 1 Restricted Legal
Cosmic Invigoration Cabal Red Skull 1 Legal Legal
Dark Reign Cabal 1 Legal Legal
Disarm 1 Restricted Legal
Drop Off 1 Rotated Legal
Escort to Safety 1 Legal Legal
Follow Me 1 Restricted Legal
Heave Ho 1 Legal Legal
Inspiring Monologue 1 Legal Legal
Mission Objective 1 Legal Legal
One-Two Punch 1 Legal Legal
Patch Up 1 Restricted Legal
Ricochet Blast Captain America, Iron Man 1 Legal Legal
Sacrifice 1 Restricted Legal
Second Wind Avengers 1 Legal Legal
Smash 1 Legal Legal
Sucker 1 Legal Legal
The Age of Ultron Ultron 1 Legal Legal
Trip Up 1 Legal Legal
Anger Management Avengers Hulk 4 Legal Legal
Gamma Launch Hulk 4 Legal Legal
Seeing Red 4 Rotated Legal
A.I.M. Lackeys MODOK 5 Legal Legal
Psychic Fortress MODOK 5 Legal Legal
Recalibration Matrix 5 Legal Legal
Battle Lust 7 Rotated Legal
Usurp the Throne Killmonger 7 Legal Legal
Wakanda Forever Wakanda 7 Legal Legal
Advanced R&D 8 Restricted Legal
Vibranium Shielding Wakanda Black Panther, Shuri 8 Legal Legal
Lethal Protector Venom 9 Legal Legal
Uneasy Allies Spider-Man, Venom 9 Legal Legal
All Webbed Up Web Warriors 10 Legal Legal
All You've Got 10 Rotated Legal
Web Barrier Web Warriors 10 Rotated Legal
Odin's Blessing Asgard 11 Legal Legal
Thunderwave Thor, Captain America 11 Legal Legal
Doomed Prophecy Asgard 12 Legal Legal
Sibling Rivalry Thor, Loki 12 Legal Legal
Field Dressing 13 Rotated Legal
Psychic Shielding Device (P.S.D.) 13 Legal Legal
Tactical Analysis 13 Rotated Legal
Till the End of the Line Winter Solider, Captain America 13 Legal Legal
Blood to Spare Black Order 15 Legal Legal
Execute Proxima, Corvus 15 Legal Legal
Price of Failure Black Order 15 Legal Legal
Daughters of Thanos Gamora, Nebula 16 Legal Legal
Medpack 16 Rotated Legal
Deadly Duo Rocket Racoon, Groot 17 Legal Legal
We Are Groot Groot 17 Legal Legal
Crew of the Milano Guardians of the Galaxy 18 Legal Legal
Rocket Boots?! 18 Rotated Legal
Marked for Death 19 Legal Legal
Mothership Black Order 19 Legal Legal
Shhh... Ebony Maw 19 Legal Legal
No Matter the Cost 20 Legal Legal
Unearthly Rage 20 Rotated Legal
Blind Obsession 21 Rotated Legal
Well-Laid Plans Green Goblin, Dr Octopus 21 Legal Legal
Pentagram of Farallah Defenders Dr Strange, Wong 23 Legal Legal
Seven Suns of Cinnibus Dr Strange 23 Legal Legal
Vapors of Valtorr Dr Strange 23 Legal Legal
Heavy Firepower 24 Legal Legal
Professionals Natasha Romanoff, Clinton Barton 24 Legal Legal
Infinity Gem: Mind Ebony Maw, Loki, Thanos 25 Legal Legal
Infinity Gem: Power Black Swan, Ronan, Star-Lord, Thanos 25 Legal Legal
Infinity Gem: Reality Corvus Glaive, Thanos 25 Restricted Legal
Infinity Gem: Soul Doctor Strange, Supergiant, Thanos 25 Legal Legal
Infinity Gem: Space Ebony Maw, Loki, Thanos 25 Restricted Legal
Infinity Gem: Time Doctor Strange, Corvus Glaive, Thanos 25 Legal Legal
Face Me 25 Legal Legal
Power of the Cosmos Thanos 25 Legal Legal
No Escape 26 Rotated Legal
Pym Particles Ant-Man, Wasp 26 Legal Legal
Reversal 26 Rotated Legal
Deal With the Devil Ghost Rider 27 Legal Legal
Highway to Hell Ghost Rider 27 Legal Legal
Grievous Wounds 28 Legal Legal
Lovable Misfits Guardians of the Galaxy 28 Legal Legal
Rainbow Bridge Asgard 28 Legal Legal
All According To Plan Criminal Syndicate 29 Legal Legal
Hired Muscle 29 Rotated Legal
Shadow Organization Criminal Syndicate 29 Legal Legal
Acute Senses 30 Rotated Legal
Climbing Gear 30 Rotated Legal
Cruelty Criminal Syndicate 30 Legal Legal
Heavy Ordinance 32 Rotated Legal
Blood Red and Personal Punisher 32 Legal Legal
Extreme Conditioning 32 Rotated Legal
Dark Empowerment Dark Dimension 33 Legal Legal
Dark Restoration Dark Dimension 33 Legal Legal
Attilan Rising Inhumans 34 Legal Legal
Inhuman Royal Family Inhumans 34 Legal Legal
Terrigenesis Inhumans 34 Legal Legal
Bitter Rivals 34 Rotated Legal
Elemental Infusion Crystal 35 Legal Legal
Last-Minute Save Lockjaw 35 Legal Legal
Aunt May�s Wheat Cakes Web Warriors 37 Legal Legal
Spider-Tracker Web Warriors 37 Legal Legal
The Cat and the Spider Peter Parker, Black Cat 37 Legal Legal
Bird of Prey Sam Wilson 38 Legal Legal
Eyes on the Prize 38 Legal Legal
Tactical Maneuvers 38 Legal Legal
The Air Force WarMachine, Captain Marvel 38 Legal Legal
A-Force Assemble! A-Force 39 Legal Legal
Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Hulk, She-Hulk 39 Legal Legal
Special Delivery A-Force She-Hulk 39 Legal Legal
Stalwart Determination A-Force 39 Legal Legal
Weapon X Program Wolverine, Sabretooth 40 Legal Legal
X-Ceptional Healing 40 Legal Legal
Children of the Atom X-Men 41 Legal Legal
First Class X-Men 41 Legal Legal
To Me My X-Men X-Men 41 Legal Legal
Asteroid M Brotherhood 42 Legal Legal
Magnetic Crush Magneto 42 Legal Legal
Magnetic Refraction Magneto 42 Legal Legal
Deception Mystique 43 Legal Legal
The Books of Truth Brotherhood 43 Legal Legal
Chimichangas Deadpool 45 Legal Legal
Pretty Sneaky, Sis X-Force 45 Legal Legal
Yoink Deadpool 45 Legal Legal
Cloning Banks Mister Sinister 46 Legal Legal
Forced Extraction Mister Sinister 46 Legal Legal
Cat and Mouse X-Force 47 Legal Legal
Dirty Work X-Force 47 Legal Legal
Warpath 47 Legal Legal
Banishment Midnight Sons 48 Legal Legal
Bats the Ghost Hound Midnight Sons 48 Legal Legal
Siege of Darkness Midnight Sons 48 Legal Legal
Heroes for Hire Luke Cage, Iron Fist 49 Legal Legal
K�un-Lun Training 49 Legal Legal
Kick �em While They�re Down 49 Legal Legal
Carnage Rules Carnage 50 Legal Legal
The Grand Illusion Mysterio 50 Legal Legal
There Will Be Carnage Carnage 50 Legal Legal
Fall Back 52 Legal Legal
Helios Laser Bombardment Tony Stark 52 Legal Legal
Jean!!! Cyclops, Wolverine 53 Legal Legal
Mental Domination Jean Grey, Cassandra Nova 53 Legal Legal
Carbonadium Synthesizer Omega Red 54 Legal Legal
Red Room Training 54 Legal Legal
Battlefield Medicine SHIELD 55 Legal Legal
Defensive Prototype SHIELD 55 Legal Legal
Eye In The Sky Nick Fury 55 Legal Legal
Hard Reset SHIELD 55 Legal Legal
Helicarrier Strike SHIELD 55 Legal Legal
Life Model Decoy SHIELD Nick Fury 55 Legal Legal
Reposition Nick Fury 55 Legal Legal
Sitrep SHIELD 55 Legal Legal
The Initiative 55 Legal Legal
The Shieldmobile SHIELD 55 Legal Legal
Do You Know Who I Am? Juggernaut 56 Legal Legal
Makin� A Ruckus Juggernaut 56 Legal Legal
Versatile Strategy 56 Legal Legal
Fastball Special! Colossus, Wolverine 57 Legal Legal
Indomitable 57 Restricted Legal
Journey Through Limbo Magik 57 Legal Legal
Fearful Symmetry Kraven, Peter Parker 58 Legal Legal
Monkey Brain Is Lizard Home Lizard 58 Legal Legal
Neogenetic Recombinator Spider-Foes 58 Legal Legal
Sinister Traps Spider-Foes 58 Legal Legal
Charming Thief Gambit 60 Legal Legal
Dark Past Gambit 60 Legal Legal
Mind If I Cut In? Rogue 60 Legal Legal
Pardon Me, Sugah Rogue 60 Legal Legal
Illicit Tech Crossbones, Sin 61 Legal Legal
To Ash and Cinder Crossbones, Sin 61 Legal Legal
A Better Tomorrow Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales 62 Legal Legal
Fan Club Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) 62 Legal Legal
Can I Borrow That? Quicksilver 63 Legal Legal
Difficult To Please Brotherhood Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Magneto 63 Legal Legal
No More Mutants Scarlet Witch 63 Legal Legal
The Whims of Chaos Scarlet Witch 63 Legal Legal
Astral Ring Convocation 64 Legal Legal
Bane of Damballah Convocation 64 Legal Legal
Orb of Agamotto Convocation 64 Legal Legal
Hood's Gang Hood 65 Legal Legal
Plane of Pohldahk Convocation 65 Legal Legal
Seance Doctor Voodoo 65 Legal Legal
Book of Cagliostro Convocation 67 Legal Legal
Iron-Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath Convocation 67 Legal Legal
Wand of Watoomb Convocation 67 Legal Legal
The Bar With No Doors Convocation 67 Legal Legal
Jonathan the Unstoppable Honey Badger 71 Legal Legal
Wolverines James Logan Howlett, Laura Kinney 71 Legal Legal
Infiltration Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos 75
Over The Top Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos, Steve Rogers 75 Legal Legal
Scientific Method Hydra Arnim Zola 76
The High Council Hydra Johann Schmidt, Arnim Zola, Wolfgang von Strucker, Helmut Zemo 76 Legal Legal
A New Age SHIELD Jim Hammond 77 Legal Legal
Bounty Hunters Criminal Syndicate Elektra, Taskmaster 79 Legal Legal
Cruel Tutelage Criminal Syndicate 79 Legal Legal
No Mercy Criminal Syndicate 79 Legal Legal
Shuriken Arashi Shadowland Daredevil 79 Legal Legal
Vendetta Elektra 79 Legal Legal
Black Onslaught Black Order Black Dwarf, Black Swan 81 Legal Legal
First of the Black Order Black Order Corvus Glaive 81 Legal Legal
Psychic Shockwave Ebony Maw, Supergiant 81 Legal Legal
Dark Aura Manifestation Darkstar 88 Legal
Fusion Caster Crimson Dynamo 88 Legal Legal
Winter Rush Winter Guard 88 Legal Legal
Bear Hug Ursa Major 89 Legal Legal
Comrade's Keeper Red Guardian 89 Legal Legal
Sovereign Strike Winter Guard 89 Legal Legal
Midnight Phantasmagoria Malektih the Accursed 93 Legal Legal
The Black Bifrost Cabal 93 Legal Legal
Meet My Executioner Enchantress, Skurge 102 Legal Legal
Weapons of Midgard Skurge 102 Legal Legal
Online and Operational Sentinels Sentinel Prime MK4 160 Legal Legal
Under Your Skin 160 Legal Legal
The Bar With No Doors (Reverse) Convocation 67 Legal Legal
Occult Research Hydra Red Skull, Master of Hydra 74 Legal Legal
Inevitable Betrayal Hydra 74
Victory Assured Johann Schmidt 74

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